Turning Points - Deciding Moments From Your Life

Everyone has experienced several turning points in life.

Tell me your life's turning points and I will turn them into a mesmerizing story, treasured by all. What is a "turning point?" It is a time you can instantly remember in vivid detail, and how this event made all the difference in who you are and where you are today. Something monumental happened, and you were forever changed.

Additional sources for Turning Points
~An event: childhood activities, learning to drive, graduation,   marriage, birth of a child, first job
~A circumstance: sharing a household with a grandparent,   growing up in a foster home, accepting a physical impairment,   new sibling
~Change in environment: move, travel, new church or   elementary school, going away to college
~Specific decision: becoming an entrepreneur, joining the   military; changing jobs or industries, buying a home
~A conversation: respected mentor, favorite high school   counselor, relative, significant other
~Some advice or saying: Mother's words, Uncle Frank's advice,   favorite quote

Benefits of Recalling Turning Points
~Time to ponder your life; retrospect gives permission to laugh,   cry, and make sense of odd things, or not.
~Communication through illustration of values, commitments,   hopes, dreams, levity, feelings, and understanding.
~Documentation as a gift to family, friends, community and   future generations.
~Importance of being remembered; Turning Points demonstrate   your connections to your roots and family history.
~Collection of favorite pictures and memorabilia: identifying,   organizing

Writing Process
~An interview for one Turning Point story lasts about one hour.
~For each interview, it takes about two hours to write the story.
~One Turning Point story is approximately 250-300 words or   about one page.
~Another hour is spent reviewing, discussing and editing the   story with the storyteller.
~Next, the storyteller decides how many stories to include in   the collection; a title, Table of Contents and Dedication or   Prologue are written.
~The final step is to print a paper copy and imprint the work on   a CD in MS Word format.
~Total time per story is approximately four hours; client time is   1.5-2 hours.


Testimonials for Turning Points

I enjoyed telling Barbara my stories. She knew just the right words to use to make them come alive. I like how Barbara took time to ask me questions, organizing and clarifying my thoughts. She likes to help senior citizens.
                                                        M.S., Rochester

"It has been a pleasure and an honor working with Barbara. My Mother's story about love, hardship and determination was creatively, gracefully and compassionately written from her heart. Thank-you Barbara very much."
                                                        C.T., Northfield

When I heard about Turning Points I could only wish I had met Barbara earlier. Perhaps the fact that both of my parents have passed away makes me more aware of the benefits of Turning Points. While I do have pictures of my parents to share with my children it is difficult to convey personality,opinions and beliefs with photographs alone. I certainly wish I had been aware of Turning Points to help future generations know my parents.

If you have loved ones with tales to tell, I highly recommend you allow Barbara to ensure that they will be enjoyed by generations to come.

                                                         L.T., Lakeville

At church last night, I grabbed this quote from my pastor's sermon for you: "When someone tells a story from his/her life, it is a Holy Time. For this life was a precious gift from God for all to be a witness to Him, as you are his precious creation."

                                                        J.W., Northfield

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