What are people saying?
It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with Barbara. My mother’s story about love, hardship and determination was creatively, gracefully and compassionately written from her heart. Thank-you Barbara very much.

I enjoyed telling Barbara my stories. She knew just the right words to use to make them come alive. I like how Barbara took time to ask me questions, organizing and clarifying my thoughts. She likes to help senior citizens.         

It was an inspiring story that begged to be told. I had been planning to write it for many years, but life always got in the way. By sheer good fortune, I saw an ad in Generations of Today magazine about Barbara’s writing services. The name of her business, Making Words Work, really spoke to me because my story was complex and layered, with many participants and events overlapping. This meant it had to be told in a way that could be understood clearly by the reader to be fully appreciated. The words had to work!

Barbara happened to be the perfect person for the challenge. She was able to question and listen with depth and understanding. She was a sounding board to talk through story issues and find beautiful solutions.

Barbara conducted approximately thirty interviews of persons involved in the story. I wanted this done so that they could speak freely to an objective listener. She developed a trusting relationship with those she interviewed and verified their input with each of them.
This added a lot of dimension to the narrative.

I had a vision, and Barbara helped me bring it to reality. Her gift is giving generous spirit and energy to achieving the goals and aims of her clients. Our shared success is reflected in the many positive comments I have received from readers featured in the story. I could not have completed my book without her.                                                                                                                                                        ~D.O.

As a ghostwriter, Barbara has great talent in getting book material to flow with clarity and style while preserving my thoughts and voice. This was so important to me. Readers have even commented how much they were able to capture the total essence of who I am, from cover to cover. Her thoroughness, perfectionism, and command of the English language resulted in creating a literary work of art.

Barbara’s service fees are within the going professional rates. Additionally, I believe she puts her heart and soul into the work she does. You could not ask more from a professional writer than what I received from her work. I also know that she went beyond the call of duty for professional ghostwriting/editing services for which she did not charge me, just to meet her own high standards.

I highly recommend Barbara for all of your ghostwriting/editing needs.                                                 

Partial List of Writing Projects

Individual narratives featured in Generations of Today magazine

Northfield mayoral candidate profile

Staff blogger for Minnesota senate candidate

Freelance articles included in Girlfriends, a Northfield, MN publication

Turning Points: Short, personal vignettes about events that made a difference in people’s lives

History of the founding of Seasons Hospice, Rochester, MN

Non-fictional account of one man’s spiritual discoveries and transformation

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Monumental ideas, spiral notebooks or “too good to be true” stories never go away. They hide and wait. Closets, storage units, attics, or the deep recesses of one’s mind provide a safe environment—far enough removed to guarantee not being discarded, yet close enough for an occasional encounter with their would-be author. It is during these times that an author vows to “do something” or go crazy. Plaguing an individual for years, these reasons to write may simply fade away. Don’t let that happen! Barbara will bring meaning and life to your ideas, pictures, poems, and journals. 

You have…
~Life experience: a lifetime of cherished, noteworthy   or highly-creative ideas and wisdom,
~People interactions: observation of thoughts,   actions, and words,
~Decisions made, reflections and wisdom gained,   and
~Stories, unique to you.

Choose Barbara, a writer who…
~Partners with you to tell your story.
~Organizes your information and develops or refines   a story line.
~Is the only person who works on your manuscript.
~Offers honest, fair pricing.
~Claims no “rights” to any of your work, EVER.
~Has the experience to support you and wants to see   you succeed.

With what kinds of projects has Barbara used her skills as a ghostwriter?
Although Barbara focuses on creative non-fiction writing such as narratives, histories and memoirs, her ghostwriting abilities can be applied to fiction, articles, research papers, or blogs.

How do Barbara’s ghostwriting services work?

Step 1

Visit Barbara’s web site, MakingwordsWork.biz, to get a general idea of her services, read examples of her work, and view testimonials.

Step 2
Contact Barbara for a complimentary hour consultation to discuss author ideas and direction.

Step 3
Reflect on the consultation with Barbara and consider the “match” in working with her. Confer again to explore a mutual decision to partner.

Step 4
Barbara will draft a Memorandum of Understanding for the project. Together, she and the author will identify the scope of the project: known and unknown factors, special amendments, timeframe, cost estimate, and milestones. Generally, projects involving developmental editing can run 8-12 months, depending on assistance needed and length of manuscript. Ghostwriting projects can run 12-15+ months. Both services culminate in an MS Word manuscript in electronic format.