Professional Editing

For many people, the editing process speaks to tedious doom and gloom that only generates greater expense. Often writers will choose to skip this fundamental step, believing that they can serve as their own editors. This is not the area in which to minimize costs or do without. Professional editing is a fundamental part of the writing/authoring process. Without consistent editing based on an industry format, even the best of intentions and story are compromised. Barbara uses the online version of The Chicago Manual of Style editing format, which is currently in its sixteenth edition.

The editing of a narrative involves two processes:


Application of grammar, punctuation, and industry-based language rules to manuscript; creates correct, accurate and consistent style demanded by publishers and expected by readers.

Substantive Editing

Analysis of complete content, overall structure, style and fit; demonstrates flowing text where concepts, reasoning, and examples interface seamlessly.

Editing fees range $.04 per word for copyediting to $.05 per word for substantive editing. Given a range of font and leading (space between words, sentences, and paragraphs) choices, it is more advantageous to the client to be charged by the word than by the page. Industry standard is 250 words per page. Professional editing of projects generally takes
4-6 months, yet the timeframe also depends on complexity, length and completeness of the provided manuscript.