About Barbara


Early Years
Two family rituals contributed to Barbara’s becoming a “word person”: her dad’s nightly, dramatic readings of bedtime stories and her mother’s detailed observations and comments about correct grammar and punctuation. Stimulated by the rhythm and syntax of words, Barbara grew to love reading and writing.

Career Highlights
Supporting Barbara’s career of 20 years in academia and business is a B.A. in English Education and French and 55 credits toward an M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction. She taught secondary school English and Journalism at Minnehaha Academy and in the Bloomington, Farmington, Edina, and Maplewood School Districts.

Capitalizing on an opportunity to develop a customized business writing course, she discovered through research a need for a variety of corporate writing and communications courses. Barbara designed and taught courses in business writing, grammar, punctuation, proofreading, résumé writing, outplacement strategies, and presentation skills. A partial listing of clients included the 3M Career Center, Hennepin County Government Center, US West, and Drake Beam Morin, Inc. She was also Manager of Corporate Learning for Mesaba Airlines until her department was disolved as a result of the 9/11 tragedy.

A New Direction
Nearly ten years ago Barbara was introduced to oral storytelling. Fascinated by riveting stories, she paid closer attention to their meaning and construction. Hundreds of stories later, her work took a new direction. She began writing Turning Points, vignettes of the deciding moments of people’s lives and how their decisions transformed them.

Ghostwriting and editing evolved from that work as Barbara partnered with prospective authors who were passionate about more complex and lengthy narratives, book manuscripts. She wove tapestries with their ideas while polishing and preserving their voice. Today, Barbara and her clients determine the layers of meaning in the story; organize information; creatively integrate story craft elements, research, and interviews; and embrace the confidential miracle of individual and project transformations. Extensive client conversations result in greater transparency. It is this depth and clarity that hooks readers and invites a closer read.