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Stories define us. They are of life, yet not life itself. They set us apart by showing defining aspects of our character: who we are, how we think, and what we do. Narratives offer information and insights into our inner life, reasoning abilities, conflicts, and resolutions.

Then the story goes deeper. We feel that we are finally being exposed to the truth of someone, of some situation, or of some action.
   • What was perceived from a specific action,      comment or omission of it?
   • What was implied by the actions taken?
   • What was the significance of that seemingly      unimportant piece of information?
   • Is that how the character honestly felt?
   • How could that have happened?

Now we are hooked. We live through the characters and extract lessons for our own lives. We learn other ways to handle a challenge or interpersonal conflict. We risk or dream with them or feel their disappointments. We become them and, for a while, escape our reality. As used in Story, by Robert McKee, Kenneth Burke says, “Stories are equipment for living.”

Upon returning to our reality and recalling the story circumstances, we have learned something about ourselves, life and the author. Notably, we have added to our memory bank and connected to a really good story.

 Welcome to Making Words Work!

Too many ideas?
                   Lack of organization?
                                     In over your head?


Barbara KrauseMaking Words Work offers ghostwriting, developmental editing/story shaping, and professional editing services. Whether you are a family member or friend trying to persuade someone to share a series of shorter stories (Turning Points) or you are a prospective author on the path to publishing, Barbara can help.

She is committed to the art of written story and passionate about compelling narrative design. Barbara provides just the right level of assistance to fit your writing needs:

~ Organizing ideas,
~ Shaping a meaningful storyboard,
~ Incorporating research and interviews,
~ Polishing ideas, and/or
~ Professional editing of manuscripts

Clients will find Barbara highly creative in her use of authentic, accurate and meaningful words that speak to others, while preserving author voice and confidentiality.                               READ MORE


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